Monday, 23 June 2014

Newborn Sessions are definately a challenge

Recently i've had numerous people asking about newborn sessions and what they involve.  I would like to take this moment to tell you.....they are never easy!  They are definately my most challenging thing to photograph.

So many people absolutely have no clue what to expect when they bring their new little bundles of joy to me.  So here is a few little pointers.

First off....I usually want them in my studio within the first week.  Yes, sometimes that doesn't always happen, however I always try my best.  The reason they are best photographed within the first week is that they are moldable.  They are soft and bendy and not as strong.  They are easier as well because they sleep more.  After that first week this all becomes so much more challenging.

Secondly,  be prepared for a mess.  Most first time parents are so uncomfortable.  As many of you who have already had me photograph their newborns you are probably laughing now.  Many people and props get peed or pooped on.  Usually it's the parents that panic, so I always warn my clients if it doesn't happen I will be shocked.  It also doesn't help that I tend to have parents feed them a lot to make them sleepier.

Finally, as a photographer I have to stay calm and patient.  Newborns unfortunately don't understand. If only I could explain what I needed of them. It just isn't that easy.  Many parents start to get frustrated if their newborns aren't sleeping or aren't settling.  This is why I am patient.  It takes time.  There is no need to stress or worry.  I work with your little one.  Sometimes they don't want to do what we have planned however that doesn't matter.  We play it all by ear and change things up.

If you are interested in booking your newborn session with me please CONTACT me, even if you just have questions to ask regarding a session.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Family Mini Sessions - July 26th.

Have you been thinking about updating your family photos?  Has it been too long since the last time your family moments were captured?  This date is the perfect opportunity for you to save a lot of money while still getting those wonderful new family photos.

I don't often do mini sessions anymore because I'm extremely booked with full sessions.  However I do love to make my photography affordable so everyone can take advantage of my services.  

ONLY $175 
July 26th.  
Includes 20 minutes and 10 edited photos.

If you are interested in booking a session please CONTACT me!

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Blue Book Bake Shop

I could not wait to post a blog about the The Blue Book Bake Shop.  I have known England for years through his wife.  Ashley is also another Photographer.  He always amazes me with his mad baking skills.  I never have to explain what I want.  I trust him to go to town.

I have partnered with them to do all my baking for my cakesmash sessions.  They continue to come up with unique and creative ideas while still keeping it cost effective for my clients.  Seems like the perfect balance.  Everyone who I have ever refered is always blown away.

Here are a few samples that they have personally done for me.  *warning do not read if you are hungry.

These cupcakes were for my sons 2nd birthday. Beach Theme Cupcakes for a special little man! 3 different flavours of cupcakes: Strawberry, Key Lime and Gluten Free Red Velvet all with Cream Cheese Icing and a fondant beach and turtle.

Rock and Roll themed cake impressed absolutely everyone! 

I ordered my mom's wedding cake through them and could it not be the absolute best looking cake for a vintage wedding EVER!!!

Be sure to contact them for any of your custom baking needs.  I promise you wont be disapointed. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Days

Today is such an important day.  We need to thank all the men who help to raise us all in this world.  Whether it's your dad or just a male in your life who really makes you a better person, we all need to take a moment to be thankful.

Happy Father's all those men who continue to help raise children in a positive way.  Who put time and effort into showing their children they truly care.  This is my moment to say thank you.

Here are some of my favorite Daddy Moments!

"Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy"

Monday, 9 June 2014

Recently I have witnessed that men don't like to be photographed....

So whenever I think about blog post topics I usually jot them down and get around to them when I have a moment.  However this topic I have been thinking about for a long time.

I feel blessed to be as busy as I am.  I am constantly being contacted by families wanting to book in sessions with me.  95% of these bookings are done by women.  Now usually I get to a session and I can sense the tension immediately.  Recently I have taken a step back and  noticed that men usually don't want to be there.  Now this isn't every man so before you think I'm a man hater, I ensure you I am not.  However,  I have been racking my brain as to how I can help these situations from happening.

Now my initial reaction when I see this happen at a session, I want to get upset with the husband or partner.  My gut reaction is to turn the camera around and show them how lucky they are to have such a beautiful family and to shape up. I feel sorry for the women who are so excited for new photos and the men in these session are making it an unenjoyable experience.  Whether they are frustrated because they don't want to be there I usually do not feel sorry for them at all.

As a photographer, I try very hard to make the session relaxed and as much fun as possible.  I try to joke around with the family and have real smiles come out instead of forced uncomfortable ones.

Here are a few things I've been thinking about that might help these men not be so grumpy during their photo shoots.

  • Give them lot's of notice about the session.  Sometimes if they are caught off gaurd they aren't prepared.  Us women know how we like to be prepared for these things so give them the courtesy as well.
  • Involve them.  Involve them in picking a location, possibly a color of what they would like to wear (now I do recommend having them ready my what to wear blog post so just forward them the link)
  • Be positive.  Let them know how important these photos are to you and you want to show the world how happy you are and how proud of your family you are.
  • Offer a photo of something he's interested in.  Tell him he can bring his Harley.  Even involving photos near water and then ending with a photo of him fishing with his kids.  The idea's are endless but sometimes this might help.

Finally ladies.  If you show up with your family and there is still tension.  Trust me!  Forget about him.  Don't let him being grumpy let you down.  You enjoy you photos.  When you see how great you look you will be happy.  I promise!  If he's excessively grumpy trust me. I will take over and ensure we get photos that you will like.

This family totally didn't have a grumpy dad.  He's actually is an absolute treat to photograph.  However I couldn't possibly put a photo up of a dad who was grumpy without feeling bad.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What to wear depending on your session.

I think my most common question asked is "what to wear"  recently I've felt like a total fashionista which is entirely not me.  However my clients always ask me to help them when it comes to their attire.  I have done blog posts on what to wear before however I seem to never have enough information.  Here is a few key points.

  • You don't need to MATCH!  Coordinate yes. Match no.  The days of families all in black shirts and blue jeans is no longer thankfully.  I always help people pick wardrobes to coordinate.  Texture is great.  Color is great.  However most of all be comfortable. 

  • No big logos.  Don't get me wrong I love brand name.  However I don't love when dad's show up with a big fox logo on their t shirt.  I have asked people to turn there shirts around or inside out.  So it's usually one of my initial warnings.  It takes away from the people.  It's usually so busy.  For an example of this I am going to show you a photo below.  Now let me explain this photo first.  I was photographing Ciarra for the launch of her website.  My son was with us at the end of the session and he had a day at the park in his play clothes.  Needless to say....imagine this same photo if he had a solid colour shirt on rather than his silly Iron Man t-shirt.

  • Pick your wardrobe according to your location and session. Eg. If you are doing a maternity session in the summer light flowy fabrics are the way to go.  See this family nailed it.  If you are doing a winter session definately need to plan for the weather.  Choosing locations that will look good hanging in your house is always something to consider as well.

Hopefully this helps a little as well check out my other blog post about what to wear for more great useful tips.  However if you are stuck, I am always willing to help my clients so feel free to message me.  Talk soon!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014 love of the Okanagan

As many of you know I regularly go back and forth between Edmonton and Kelowna.  Recently I have had many of my clients in Edmonton ask me for advise on places and activities to do while vacationing in Kelowna.  This makes me smile.

Not only is it my personal favorite place.  I think everyone needs to check it out.  My life changed for the better when I experienced living in Kelowna for 3 years.  My son was born there, I owned a couple businesses there, and now my mom and stepdad live there.  I am the luckiest person to be able to do photography there as well.  Considering the surroundings are absolutely unreal.  I even have had my Edmonton clients hit me up while vacationing in Kelowna so they can sneak in with me for a session.  How perfect is that.  I spend a lot of time there during the Summer so always inquire about photo sessions if you are in the area and want beautiful surroundings for your family photos.

Now for the real fun!  My suggestions on things to definately check out while vacationing in Kelowna.  These are personal reccomendations and great for those of you who want to know what we do when we are there.  

  •  Kelowna Kangaroo Creek Farm - this place is fantastic and those with kids wont be disapointed.  My son absolutely loves going here.  Honestly....I was pretty thrilled to hold a baby kangaroo as well.  
  • Carmelis Goat Cheese - we usually check this place out every visit.  They have amazing goat gelato.  You also get to see the goats and check out the facility.  It's very cool.  Always remember to grab your goat cheese on the way out.  You won't be disapointed.  It also has amazing views.

  • Penticton Channal - we usually pack up friends, floaties, and a cooler.  Located right off Highway 97, the Penticton Channel connects Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake; it flows from Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake and it's lots of fun to float!  The beginning starts across from the Days Inn Hotel by Okanagan Lake and the Sicamous.  You can rent tubes and life jackets at the beginning, or bring your own.  You can purchase a ticket for a bus that will transport you from the end of the channel back to the start where your car is.  A fun day for adults and children over 8.  Make sure to bring some sunscreen, so you don't burn, and some cash for snacks at the halfway point of the channel.  Depending on the time of year and the wind direction the full length of the channel could take 4 hours to float.
  • I also reccomend Peachland.  When I lived in Kelowna we spent most of our time there.  I would wake up and take the dogs for a walk every morning along the water.  They also have a nice dog beach for the dogs to swim.  There is many locations that are amazing there.  There is a great kids park in Peachland.  There is also many locations along the water with wonderful beach areas.  Also a tonne of wonderful little restaurants.  
  • If you want to check out some great wineries definately visit Summerhill it's an organic winerie and one of my absolute favorites.  It has a great patio with a beautiful view.  Or Quail's Gate in West Kelowna.....another amazing location!  Or take a day and do a wine tour in Naramata.
  • City Park is also great.  They have a beach, and spray park, and play park.  Also in the summer they have a lot of fun vendors and it's right downtown so a lot of restaurants and shopping right close by.

Now there is a little bit of information about Kelowna.  Also if you are ever interested in purchasing Real Estate there as I know one day I will end up purchasing something there again.  I personally know an incredible Real Estate Agent. Ralph Wiber  has been doing real estate for over 30 years and is in the top 1% in Canada.  Even if you are wanting to just be notified of foreclosures or great deals in the Okanagan, or a vacation property, he's definately your go to guy.  Once you vacation there you will want to live there I'm sure of it.