Tuesday, 5 April 2016

BéBé D'or Childrens Blankets & Apparel

I'm excited to share this incredible line of custom baby and children apparel. BéBé D'or Children's Blankets & Apparel.  I first found out about this wonderful business at a Craft Show in Kelowna held at Prospera Place.  I met Denise after inquiring about her beautiful haram pants.  She was so busy this day that she literally sold out of everything I wanted, however a quick chat proved to be the best decision yet.  She helped me decide on a couple fabric choices for my first pair of bumpants for my daughter.  She also was amazing as I had been looking for custom teething pads for my Ergo carrier.  We put in an order right there and within a week we received our order and were totally impressed.

Now fast forward a couple months and I followed her on facebook.  She loaded a photo of an incredible NEW Beanie Baby Sun Hats.  I immediately contacted her to order this one as well.  Then we decided to get together and put some of these incredible products on some very sweet models.

She makes these absolutely incredible Dresses.  They are reversible and wrap around.  They are super easy to put on with snaps on the straps.  The quality is phenomenal and patterns are amazing.  The only issue....you won't be able to choose just one.

BéBé D'or also makes Bum Pants and Haram Pants.  The most amazing part.....they can fit up to 3 years.  Talk about buying quality clothing and having it last.  It rolls and unrolls and fits great.

As well these incredible Baby Beanie Sun Hats that are completely adjustable and fit up to 10 Years.  I even purchased one for my 5 year old which he's thrilled to wear and can snug it on to wear in the pool and get it wet! Win Win.  Perfect for these beautiful Kelowna Summers.

Be sure to stop by the Kelowna Farmers Market booth #124 every Saturday.  Check out her AMAZING stuff.  For those of you out of town....she ships as well.  Be sure to visit her page and contact her to order.  You wont be disapointed.

Also, take a moment to follow them on Facebook for upcoming promotions and contests.  She will be giving away a FREE pair of pants or dress of your choice.  So stop by and check her out and be sure to ENTER.