Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I'm finally where I belong

Today I really feel blessed.  I'm sitting on my deck while my baby naps and my oldest is at his nana's swimming......I almost have to pinch myself.  Is this real.  Did this really work out?  Yes....yes it sure did.

I booked 2 sessions today and sent out a gift certificate all for amazing clients who also travel between Edmonton and Kelowna.  I think this move really worked.

Photo by Pink Dragonfly Photography
Some of you don't know but a year ago I made the big move back to Kelowna, BC.  This is really where my heart is.  It's where I want to raise my family.  It's ME!  I wasn't sure how well my clients in Edmonton were going to take the news's been incredible.  Many of you amazing clients have contacted me and booked sessions for your upcoming holidays to Kelowna.  This makes me smile.

I've been able to help you plan your holidays.  I've been excited for a change of scenery.  It's been fun.  I'm also lucky that my wonderful inlaws live in Canmore, AB.  This allows us to break up the regular trips back to Edmonton.  It's a 10 hour trip back and that's without the insane construction, and with 2 kids being able to go half way and stop for a family visit is wonderful.

So far it's gone really well.  I've been able to fit in my Edmonton clients and I appreciate you all booking ahead.  I appreciate all of you trusting me when I send my assistant Laura if I am unable to shoot your session in Edmonton.  The feedback has been incredible.

This move back has allowed me to be the mom I want.  I am able to be at home with my children and able to homeschool.  I love this as we are able to do school on the beach or even on a trip back to Edmonton.

My next trip is August 4th to photograph a wedding for a wonderful couple who I  have had the pleasure of watching their family grow.  As well as 3 newborns sessions.  I do have the ability to sneak in a couple family mini sessions so if this interests you please contact me today.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Tips for a Successful Newborn Session - Urban Images Photography

First off I LOVE photographing newborns!

Newborn Photography is definately the most
challenging of my sessions.  However it feels 
pretty amazing to be a part of a baby's life 
when they are just days old.

Here are some tips to make our session go as
smooth as possible.

  • Location

From experience, babies are best photographed in their own surroundings.  This means I will be coming to you!  Now before you start to stress please don't.  I bring everything to you.  Props, blankets, etc.  Also don't stress if your house is a mess.  YOU JUST HAD A BABY!  I would be concerned if it was perfect.  I've shot many in home sessions in small places or people in the middle of what they felt was chaos.  I don't need a tonne of space.  I will probably be moving furniture and anything that will get in my way.  I promise to move it all back but I really don't want you to stress.  Baby feels it! Just relax.

  • Lovely Light

I absolutely adore natural light.  So please before I come be sure to open blinds and curtains.  When I arrive I will walk through and choose locations based on lighting.  

  • Crank up the Heat

I reccomend that you keep your home warmer than usual for our session (like a toasty 24 degrees).  Newborns are used to being bundled up cozy and warm, yet now I come in and strip them down for these cute naked baby photos and expect them to love it.  Keeping it warm definately helps and we may be sweating but it helps baby to feel comfortable.  I will also be popping blankets into your dryer to warm them up for your little one.  

  • Loosen Up

30 Minutes prior to my arrival please strip down your baby from their diaper and clothes and wrap them up in a blanket.  This allows less editing diaper lines for myself as well as the dreaded strip down.  Make sure to use a blanket you don't mind them pooping in.  

  • Sleepy Baby

Now....we all hope for those incredible sleeping baby photos so we do everything in our power to help that happen.  Ensure you try to keep baby awake before I come may seem like torture however I promise it will be worth it in the end.  Be sure to feed baby just before I arrive as well keep it quiet and warm.  Also be prepared to stop and feed during our session.  It's normal in order to get the "milk drunk baby"  It's hard work being a baby model.

  • Relax

I can't stress this enough.  Many mom's stress about the photos and I don't want you to.  This is an absolutely important time so take a minute to enjoy it.  Worry about you and getting ready with your hair and makeup and as much as it may seem hard with a new baby, take a minute to get ready or even have someone come into your home to do your hair and makeup.  It's a great opportunity to pamper yourself as a new mama.  We let baby lead the session.  Over half the session is usually changes and feeds however if you don't stress things usually flow smooth.  I work with each newborn.  Everyone is different.  Some absolutely love to be swaddled and in a bucket where as others want to feel free.  When things don't seem to be working I can see mom's start to stress "this is a disasater and we aren't going to get any good photos"  I promise you....I WILL.  Please remember babies feel your stress and anxiety.  So stay calm.  It's important that everyone stay as calm as possible during your session.

  • Poop Happens!!!!

So many new parents are so embarassed and uncomfortable however if your baby doesn't pee or poop on my props I will be SHOCKED!  I usually get peed on.  Some of my families who are repeats really have come to learn this and now it's a laugh.  I actually have a family on baby number 4, and the father actually said in the last session "well we know this one is gonna pee on i'm ready!"  It's usually dad's who are the most uncomfortable so please pre warn them.  

  • Mom's

Please do not be insulted if I ask you to leave the room.  Sometimes your newborn just knows your smell and wont settle with you around.  Don't take offence.  It's really normal.

  • What to Wear 

Keep it simple.  Solid colors, even just a simple cami is great.  Black does go a long way or even white.  Also be sure to have dad pay attention to details of his finger nails.  Usually dad's hands are something I notice so have them clip their nails and moisturize the night before.  Also be sure no logos or button down shirts.  A simple solid shirt is great.  Even if you feel like you don't want to be in photos much I will probably ask you to help in some way so please take this time to prepare your nails and hands.  

I really look forward to the opportunity of photographing your new little one.  I've caught myself kissing a client's baby on the top of the head and I looked up in shock.  I really do love my job and allowing me to photograph yours, my husband thanks you as I would probably be up to 22 babies in our family.  We might possibly have our own TLC tv show. 

If you have any questions or are interested in booking your newborn session please CONTACT me today.