Friday, 21 November 2014

Headshots.....putting a face to a name is HUGE in business.

Some of you may not know that this is a service I offer many of my clients.  Whether you are an actor, realtor, or a business professional there is many uses for having professional headshots done.

These can be used on your website, Linkedin profile, or marketing material.  They can make a statement and even if you think you aren't photogenic I can help to pose and select photos that appeal to your audience.

Also depending on what you are using them for they don't always have to be your typical headshot either.  They can be comfortable and relaxed.  Whether you are a makeup artist that wants some images of you working or a photo for your blog that allows people to see what a fantastic mom you are.....the ideas are endless.  Allowing people to put a face to a name is HUGE in business.

Whether you are building a website for your business or have questions CONTACT me today.