Friday, 21 November 2014

Headshots.....putting a face to a name is HUGE in business.

Some of you may not know that this is a service I offer many of my clients.  Whether you are an actor, realtor, or a business professional there is many uses for having professional headshots done.

These can be used on your website, Linkedin profile, or marketing material.  They can make a statement and even if you think you aren't photogenic I can help to pose and select photos that appeal to your audience.

Also depending on what you are using them for they don't always have to be your typical headshot either.  They can be comfortable and relaxed.  Whether you are a makeup artist that wants some images of you working or a photo for your blog that allows people to see what a fantastic mom you are.....the ideas are endless.  Allowing people to put a face to a name is HUGE in business.

Whether you are building a website for your business or have questions CONTACT me today.


Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gift Certificates on SALE!!!

I, like many of you, have begun my Christmas shopping already.  Now sometimes people are more challenging to buy for.  Especially those who seem to have everything they could possibly want.

I've had many of my regular clients contact me for gift certificates recently which I think is such a fabulous gift.

Do you know someone expecting a newborn in the new year?  Why not get them a newborn session.  With the expense of new baby items this is such a fabulous gift.

Is your mom very difficult to buy for yet simple homemade things would make her happy?  I'm pretty sure she would really like an updated family photo.

Men, an amazing gift to get your special lady would be a BOUDOIR session.....yes this is slightly selfish.  However building her confidence and allowing her a session to feel empowered and the perfect Christmas gift!

I will be giving a special gift for each gift certificate purchased.  Gift certificates can be for any denomination.  They can also be emailed as gifts as well.  Even just purchasing the session fee is a great start.

If you purchase a full session with 20 edited images $325.00 I will upgrade the gift certificate to ALL edited images.  ($50 value)

Also, for every $100 gift certificate you will also receive and 8x10 print

CONTACT me to purchase your gift certificate while they are on sale!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blended families....isn't such a bad thing.

I consider myself one of the luckiest individuals around.  I get to do a job that doesn't feel like work to me.  I have an amazing support system.  My friends and family are seriously incredible.

I seem to regularly meet such inspiring individuals who make my life better.  It never ceases to amaze me how when you project a positive attitude good things happen.

I have been blessed with such wonderful family.  I know we all think that.  I never thought I would come from a blended family.  I always thought I would have a family who was in my terms normal.  However, realizing now.....blended families are amazing!  You now have so many more people in your life to love and support you.

I regularly get to witness such different family dynamics.  I appreciate all of my clients bringing me into their life to capture their memories.  When doing family photography I get to meet such amazing people and hear such fun stories about family dynamics.  Sometimes I'm not always sure how to react and always need to be careful with my words.  For example when photographing a family sometimes I may not always be sure on who exactly are the parents.  It's quite easy to slip up and say to a child "go sit by mommy" when sometimes that isn't their mommy as they know it.

 Also when photographing weddings sometimes the dynamics are even more difficult.  Sometimes divorced parents add to the challenge.  These instances require a little more thinking.  I usually reassure the bride that this is their day and I will help in any way possible in ensuring everyone is comfortable.

I have struggled over the years trying to make sense of my blended family however finally now have come to realize how incredible it really is.  Honestly.....I used to think it was a negative however now it's entirely a positive.  I have an even bigger support system now.

My dad recently got remarried and I have gained a stepmom and some new siblings which is AWESOME!

My mom got married and now I have a Step dad and Step lucky am I!

Many of you are unsure as to how to make a family session work.  I have also had situations where families split up right before their sessions.  Life happens.  It doesn't mean we have to stop capturing it.  We just roll with it.  I even photograph families that have split up sometimes.....I start with dad and the kids and then mom and the kids.  Ideas are endless.  Don't stop capturing life, embrace it.  

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Christmas Mini Sessions - BOOK NOW!

Are you struggling to think of that perfect gift for the grandparents who have everything. Trust me....they would love a new family photo of you guys.

The ideas are endless.....comfy pj session, tobogganing, or a studio session.  Regardless which you choose it's the perfect time to capture your family.  

Why not send out custom Christmas cards?  Everyone love's receiving these in the mail at the holiday season.

Book now so you have time to get your Christmas cards printed.  CONTACT me to secure your session.

Monday, 11 August 2014

How I balance being a successful photographer and a mother.

Recently I got an email from a super inspiring photographer who I cannot seem to get enough of.  He also mentors and helps other photographers be as successful as they can possibly be.  His work is incredible and the way he balances a family is absolutely inspirational.

In this email he made such great points that totally made me want to share with you so you understand a little bit more about what it takes for me to be a photographer while still being the best mom I can be.

First off.....scheduling.  Super important!  Whether I am booking a time to shoot or just time to edit from home it all requires organization and planning.  When working for myself I have noticed balancing time is a bit more of a challenge.  Usually I plan my time as best I can however there are times I notice balancing work time and family time can be a challenge.  The reason I chose to become a photographer however was so I was able to be the most involved mom I could be.  I didn't want to drop off my son at 7 am at dayhome and then rush to pick him up after work and be exhausted and struggling through dinner, bath, and bed.  I feel blessed to have a wonderful support system with friends and family that I can be the most involved mom possible.  Usually my days consist of spending quality time with my son and editing once he is in bed.

Also mentioned was DRESS up and CLEAN up.  This thankfully is something I take pride in.  I remember there was a point in my life where things didn't feel right.  It was a struggle for me to get ready in the mornings and an unhappy life made this all even harder.  I made huge life changes and now, as many of you know if you have come to my home it's usually organized and clean.  Yes, it is a priviledge to be able to work from home and I guess for some of it I really could be in my PJ's.  However, taking pride in yourself and your looks makes you much more productive.  Something so simple as our day to day routine is definately helpful.   Also a lot of mom's ask me how I do it.  First things first.....I do expect a lot from my son.  Yes he just turned 4 years old, but if I didn't expect a lot from him our home would be total chaos.  I see a lot of parents struggling but honestly the more you expect from your children the more help you have.

Finally, stay healthy and energized.  This is absolutely important.  Getting good sleep allows you to be alert and productive.  In our home we usually begin our days with a protein smoothie and a work out.  (Let's slightly rephrase that....I get on the elliptical and my son pulls out his yoga mat....or sometimes his toys)  We then spend some time getting ready for the day together.  We make games out of it and it's usually our time to crank some music and dance.  Now if I have booked sessions he goes to either a friends or dayhome.  This allows him to be busy while I work.  I do have a studio in my home but having him here isn't always fun for him or I.  He's extremely interested in what I do and a great helper.  Even today he asked if the next wedding I photograph he can be my assistant and hold an umbrella for me.  Hehe.

Balance is difficult in all aspects of life but these are some of the things I do in order to be a successful photographer and mother.

Thank you to Ashley Sykes Photography for capturing these images of my son and I. Much appreciated!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fall Family Mini Sessions

Fall is absolutely my favorite time to do photos.  The colors and leaves are incredible, the clothes are fantastic and so much fun, and the light and weather is perfect!

It is also my busiest season.  We never really know how long the leaves are going to last and how yellow they will turn.  Last year we totally lucked out and got a longer week of amazing leaves.

I'm sure these sessions will fill up extremely quickly so CONTACT me to book your session.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Why I chose to hire a graphic artist

Guess you all must think because of my photo's I'm this super creative artistic individual.  When it comes to my photos YES! When it comes to graphics stuff....NO!

I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in years.  She mentioned she was now doing graphic design.  She came over one evening for a glass of wine after we both got our kids down and we got to chatting.  I knew right there I needed her on my team.  This is when I chose to hire Katherine Wilkinson Design

I would spend many hours trying to put together newborn announcements or Christmas cards, and not absolutely love them.  Photography is my forte not graphics!  

I figured I would test this out before commiting too much.  She did a couple advertisements for me with absolutely no guidance.  I said here is the with it!

Literally when I got her emails I laughed out loud at what I had attempted myself, and what she had come up with.  I knew from this point on I would not attempt any more graphics stuff!!!  

She does it all for me now.  I don't even attempt it.  I simply send her a photo and she sends me something back.  It's brilliant!  When you find someone who makes your business better its a wonderful feeling.

My plan was to launch a new website and rebrand for 2014.  This was a big step as I had spent 6 months trying to figure out and make my own website which clients said was great.  However I knew I wanted better!  Then came my new cards and postcards in the mean time while she worked long hard hours on my new website.

Then....came the time to launch my new website and the feedback was amazing.  Clients were sharing and linking my website and business and referals kept coming in.  

Katherine! You made my life so much easier and my clients are thrilled.  This was the best step I took in growing my business.

Check out her work and seriously I cannot say enough great things about her.