Friday, 25 July 2014

Fall Family Mini Sessions

Fall is absolutely my favorite time to do photos.  The colors and leaves are incredible, the clothes are fantastic and so much fun, and the light and weather is perfect!

It is also my busiest season.  We never really know how long the leaves are going to last and how yellow they will turn.  Last year we totally lucked out and got a longer week of amazing leaves.

I'm sure these sessions will fill up extremely quickly so CONTACT me to book your session.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Why I chose to hire a graphic artist

Guess you all must think because of my photo's I'm this super creative artistic individual.  When it comes to my photos YES! When it comes to graphics stuff....NO!

I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in years.  She mentioned she was now doing graphic design.  She came over one evening for a glass of wine after we both got our kids down and we got to chatting.  I knew right there I needed her on my team.  This is when I chose to hire Katherine Wilkinson Design

I would spend many hours trying to put together newborn announcements or Christmas cards, and not absolutely love them.  Photography is my forte not graphics!  

I figured I would test this out before commiting too much.  She did a couple advertisements for me with absolutely no guidance.  I said here is the with it!

Literally when I got her emails I laughed out loud at what I had attempted myself, and what she had come up with.  I knew from this point on I would not attempt any more graphics stuff!!!  

She does it all for me now.  I don't even attempt it.  I simply send her a photo and she sends me something back.  It's brilliant!  When you find someone who makes your business better its a wonderful feeling.

My plan was to launch a new website and rebrand for 2014.  This was a big step as I had spent 6 months trying to figure out and make my own website which clients said was great.  However I knew I wanted better!  Then came my new cards and postcards in the mean time while she worked long hard hours on my new website.

Then....came the time to launch my new website and the feedback was amazing.  Clients were sharing and linking my website and business and referals kept coming in.  

Katherine! You made my life so much easier and my clients are thrilled.  This was the best step I took in growing my business.

Check out her work and seriously I cannot say enough great things about her.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

In Studio Special

After a busy month of holidays and a big move into a new home.....I am finally settled.  The new studio is set up.  In excitement of this I will be offering a special to my clients on In Studio Special.

This special is for all sessions booked before July 31st, 2014 so don't delay.