Wednesday, 4 November 2015

January is Boudoir Month!!!!

There are many myth's surrounded by boudoir photography.  If you have considered doing boudoir photos before but have yet to book a session this post will answer some of your questions.

First, boudoir photography isn't about women who think they have perfect bodies.  It's about focusing on your assets.  Beginning to be comfortable in your own skin.  My client's don't think they are flawless, but they're confident in spite of that.  Most women who book sessions are just regular women.  They are BEAUTIFUL, not perfect model bodies.  Whether they are doing a session for a partner or are doing photos to feel confident, these sessions are definately some of my favorite.

Secondly,  women think they need to be overtly sexy and these sessions are only for women who can act sexy in front of a lens.  My clients choose me because I am able to make them comfortable and the images I take are tasteful and authentically them.  Acting sexy isn't what I aim for,  I shoot for confidence.  Its my job to pose and shape the body to accentuate your figure.  The best is when a woman laughs during a session and I am able to capture a flirty fun side.  I help you realize which aspects of you are going to best be photographed. 

I begin each session with attention to details.  We become comfortable with one another and I discuss any part of you which isn't your favorite asset.  I ensure straps are in place and tags are cut out.  These little details make photo's wonderful.  Editing is another huge part of boudoir photography ensuring that when you see that image you are absolutely astonished.  I understand my clients are usually nervous on shoot day and I do take that seriously.  Usually those nerves don't last long and once I flip my camera over so you can see an image, the smiles shine and women become even more confident.  The final product is what I strive for.  In the end it's all about the women and bringing their inner beauty out.

Thirdly,  many think Boudoir photography is all about sex.  This is however not the case at all.  It's more about self confidence and empowerment.  Honestly many brides I photograph enjoy putting together these images for their groom to surprise him with the day of their wedding.  It adds to the excitement.  I also do mini session's for stagette nights which is always an absolutely blast.  Women get together and do hair and makeup followed by mini sessions and a night out on the town.  

Lastly, boudoir photography is only for women with a signifigant other.  This is absolutely not the case.  Many women think if you are single there is no point.  More than anything I think boudoir photography is a gift to yourself.  It's about celebrating who you are in the exact moment of your life and owning it.  It's about loving yourself and seeing yourself in a new way.  I personally know the benefits of this and it is one of the most empowering things I have done.  

If you want to feel confident, sexy, beautiful and empowered.....boudoir photography is definately for you. 

If you have any questions even the smallest about Boudoir Photography please do not hesitate to email me at and visit my website PORTFOLIO 

Monday, 2 November 2015

How I balance being a mommy, photographer, and teacher.

From the moment I became a mom I knew I wanted to be an active mom.  Now I don't judge other mom's.  I believe there are many different sides of being a mom.  For me however I LOVE being involved in my kids lives.

When I chose to get into photography it was because I couldn't fathom the idea of putting my son into childcare.  I loved spending time with him.  I wanted to raise him.  I wanted to see him grow.  Photography allowed this plus I was able to work with families and capture moments.  Moments they might not even notice were so important.

Many families don't have the ability to do this.  I take ever day as a blessing allowing me to be a mom.  

Now.  I'm excited to tell you all we HOMESCHOOL!  First off before you think I'm trying to shelter my son from the real world this is absolutely not the case.  He just turned 5 and I just want him to learn about things at a normal pace and be aware of things rather than them in his immediate day to day life.  Also he's ridiculously social so when I hear people say things like "homeschooling makes kids anti-social" it makes me cringe.

Not everyone can homeschool.  However I want you to know as many of you are new mom's that I photograph there are many "options" when it comes to educating these beautiful little souls.  Don't just follow down the "regular path".  Please take some time to make educated decisions on how you plan to educate them.

My way isn't for everyone and I do not judge at all as there are so many options.  I began my hunt online to figure out some alternative options.  I was living in Edmonton full time at the time and they didn't start homeschooling until grade 1.  So I knew I had time.  Since then I have relocated to living full time in Kelowna, BC and when my son just turned 5 this past summer I began looking into school here.  Then I became aware quickly that here they had a Kindergarten curriculum.  I know as a busy mom I wanted to find an alternative that allowed us to do school how it fit into our lives, however still have some structure and guidance from wonderful teachers.  We joined Kleos and when we went to sign up for Kindergarten we met with my son's teacher who actually advised me that based on where he was at she suggested he skip kindergarten and go into Grade 1.  This is something I don't feel would have ever happened if I followed down the traditional school method.

Whichever method you decide for your children just please take some time to make sure it works for your kids and your family.  I see so many posts and comments from mom's in tears not ready to go back to work or not ready for their kids to be in childcare.  Then I see posts from parents struggling with school systems that just aren't working for them.  Please.....take a moment to look at all avenues.

Let's get back to a bit about how our days work.  There is no set time we wake up each day.  This makes for wonderful mornings.  We usually are out of bed by 7 am however there is no packing lunches and hurrying through breakfast.  We enjoy our time together.  We have breakfast and then get ready for the day.  I organise his schooling and we usually spend an hour to two hours on sitting down focused work.  However we also go with the flow.  He has many extra curricular activities.  Swimming, gymnastics, dance, and of course field trips and other meetups with homeschooled kids. He has minimum 30 minute requirement for physical activity each day (this is absolutely no problem to achieve). His baby sister naps in the morning for an hour and that's his time to play in the back yard, have quiet time, or simply just craft or do choose something he wants.  I use this time to respond to clients and schedule sessions.  We also have other homeschool families in the community for us to lean on which is great. One week I do a craft or science project and the next another mom does.  This is where I really notice the "choices" out there.  Even if you don't think you can homeschool full time it doesn't mean that is the only option.
We love to cook as a family and bake which turns into a math lesson with fractions

Things like my ability to book sessions around my schedule and husbands schedule is what makes this possible.  This month we are headed to the Dominican Republic as a family.  I have a wedding to photograph there and my son is able to do school wherever we are.  We are pretty darn lucky I say.

Answering emails and scheduling sessions while having breakfast and staring at a cutie

I do have some mom's asking me for information.  Some of my clients ask a lot of questions.  I get emails and phone calls and want to be here for mom's.  I had a client message me the other day asking why I chose the path I did and that she's been thinking of it however had some questions.  

Don't hesitate to contact me even if it's not regarding booking a session.  Us mommies stick together!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Not ALL Wedding Photographers are the same

So.....I just got married myself! Having just been a bride I felt I needed to share with you.

Lately I have had so many questions asked by brides and even brides who I wasn't able to fit in their wedding.  First off......not all wedding photographers are the same.  Honestly you might even like their photos in their portfolio however that doesn't mean you will be happy with your photo's of your big day.

Pricing plays a huge part in your choice of photographer for your special day.  Now as a photographer and a bride I just have to say you cannot get this day back.  You cannot redo your wedding.  If you are disappointed you are stuck.  Now I am not saying you need to extend your budget for photography in order to get good photos.  I am also not saying that if you spend huge money you will get what you hope for.  What I am saying is research!!! It's not always just liking their portfolio.

Whoever you choose to hire first off imposes on your special day.  They are there with you on a day that seems to fly by.  They should be there to help not just stand back.  I realise this because I am sure to capture what I need in order to feel satisfied I did my job.  Let's face it not all brides are photographers.  This being said if your photographer just stands back and doesn't tell you what to do how are you to know that you missed a photo opportunity.  I help my clients work out schedules and pick time frames that are realistic to capture as much as possible.  If my clients need to keep their budget down I explain what options are and what photos might be more important to them in the long run.

For example.  Your day flies by and usually your photos help you remember it.  What if you missed out on a photo you were hoping for.  For example you were hoping to get a photo of your dad's first sight of you but unless you say that not every photographer thinks that is important.

Now a large part of photography is the business side.  This is something you might not know.  I hear horror stories continually of brides being disappointed on how a photographer dealt with situations.  You may not know what to ask when hiring a photographer.  Things like choosing packages that include a second shooter and then having a photographer show up at your wedding with just them, is a huge disappointment.  Or not being able to get quick replies back.  This can be so frustrating not only in photography.  I realise that it is so exciting to see your wedding photos.  Trust me....I am just as excited to edit them.  I hear of brides waiting for 3-6 months to get their wedding photos.  This is shocking to me.  I cannot imagine waiting that long.  Part of why I don't book 3 weddings each week is so that I am able to set aside time to edit.  I promise my brides a sneak peak within a couple of days.  If I am travelling for the wedding sometimes it's a little more challenging however I do whatever it takes.  Many brides are wanting photos to share on facebook with friends and family.  I always make sure to get them a little something almost immediately.  Then I quote a realistic time frame for them to expect ALL their images.  This is usually 1 month however that is always worst case scenario.  I NEVER and I mean NEVER have a bride contact me looking for her photos.  I am always upfront with them and in regular contact with them throughout the process.  

When people unaware with photography see prices for wedding photography they may be shocked.  However please be aware you are paying for more than just photos.  You are paying for their equipment costs, editing skills, talent, and business skills.  These are things you cannot put a price on.  When it comes to researching your photographer ask for references.  This can go a long way.  Ask for other brides names so you can hear about their experience.  With facebook now a days you may see a beautiful photo and immediately think "I want to hire that photographer!" however what you may not know is that they showed up late to that wedding, they took 6 months to get them their photos after numerous emails to them, or they missed photo opportunities that the couple cannot get back. 

I never leave a wedding without consulting my bride and groom to make sure they felt that they got everything they hoped for.  This is important to me.  I want amazing referrals not just amazing photos.  I do destination weddings for this reason.  Many of my clients are not willing to risk their special day just to hope someone they hire will get them what they want. 

Now if you have taken a moment to read this blog please share it.  Yes you may not be getting married but you could save a bride from making a mistake and being disappointed with their wedding photographer choice.  Regardless of who they choose to photograph their wedding they need to be aware of some questions to ask.

Contact me today with any questions you have regarding wedding photography. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Slow down mommy....just enjoy these moments

Recently I was inspired to write a blog post by reading one of a close friend of mine.  Dr. Sarah is not only a friend but our family chiropractor.  I woke up one smoky morning to a post she shared that she wrote.  Mom's it's a great link at the bottom of this post which I absolutely reccomend reading.

When it comes to my busy life now I realize it's different with this child.  As some of you know I recently had my second child.  She's now 3 months and growing so fast.  The main reason I went into photography after my first son was born (he's now 5) is that I wanted to capture moments and memories for not only myself but my clients.  It's amazing what we don't see even when it is in front of us every day.  I'm pretty lucky to have a studio in my home which allows me to head into there every month for a quick little session with my new girl.  Not all parents get this opportunity.

One month

Two Months
Three Months

Now many time's after finishing a cakesmash session I warn the mom.  I warn her she may cry. I warn her that she will notice how grown up they are.  I warn her because I see it every day.  These little miracles I get the opportunity to photograph and watch grow.

Mason - One year and birth

I had a moment the other day watching my son skateboard (Yes I said that right) He's just turned 5 and has really taken a liking for it.  I'm sitting on a bench at the skatepark feeding my daughter while watching him.  Watching him talk to the bigger kids.  Watching him interact and learn.  I tear up a bit as I tell him we have to go and he walks over to the other kids and gives them a fist pump. I feel as though it was just yesterday he was in my arms.  So when he wakes in the middle of the night with a bad dream I don't get upset or frustrated I am up in the middle of the night.  I lay down next to him wondering where the time has gone.

These little people grow around us so quickly.   I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.  I wasn't sure I would be blessed to be able to do it again.  Family is so important to us and we take every moment we can to appreciate that.  I was sitting with a couple other families the other weekend laughing at how life is so different with children.  It was Saturday night and we were on the beach watching an outdoor movie. This was perfect to us.

Mom's remember to slow down.  Please.  Remember to put down your phones as much as possible to take in these moments.  As you watch your babies grow just remember it goes so fast.  Too fast! 

This past week the air quality in Kelowna hasn't been good for kids.  The smoke from all the fires is preventing us mom's from taking our babies out to the beach or park.  However it's also given me time to slow down.  To watch my kids grow.  We have spent time indoors baking, crafting, and doing lego.  Its even given me time to write this post while watching my baby try so desperately to fit her whole fist in her mouth as her teeth are on their way.  Wasnt it just yesterday we were watching her move inside me.

We need to slow down.  I know it's harder to do than we think.  Many parents work full time jobs and when they pick up their babies it's go go go.  How do you fit it all in while just simply getting through the day.  Let alone enjoying these precious moments.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder to slow down.  To take in those little moments because before you know it...those little moments will be gone.  They will be all grown up and you wont know where the time has gone.  Oh and just another reminder to capture those moments as best you can.  I offer regular mini sessions for families and they are perfect for families with young kids.

Follow me on facebook to be sure to be notified of these sessions.

Here is that link I promised before take a moment to read it.

 From my family to yours.....get out and enjoy your babies before they aren't babies anymore.

Photo by Pixel Photography

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Deanna & Brad ~ Tie the Knot

I had the pleasure of photographing these two as they celebrated their big day.  I met them through Brad's sister Kim who has been a client for years.  I knew when they came to me that if they were related to Kim this wedding was going to be a blast.

Now as life would take it I ended up back in Kelowna before the big day.  Deanna emailed me an itinerary of the day and I didn't think it was for real!  She was beyond organized.  Slightly made me feel I needed to forward it to all brides.

I made the trip from Kelowna extremely excited and looking forward to their big day.  We started the day with the girls getting ready at Brad and Deanna's home.  I was greeted by her father on the front lawn and I knew from that moment I was probably going to cry at this wedding.  He was so proud!  He was excited to see his little girl.  As the girls got ready and enjoyed being ahead of schedule (as per the amazing itinerary) I knew this was going to be one fun day.

They had their ceremony at Greystone Gardens Bed and Breakfast.  This place is an amazing place just outside of Devon and the photo opportunities there are endless.  When I got to the place and saw the Brad for the first time (my second shooter Laura with Pixel Photography was with the guys all morning) he was all smiles.  He knew he was going to be seeing his bride shortly and the anticipation was going to end.

Brad and Deanna's wedding party was hilarious and entertaining.  This always makes for a fun time.  We flew through their photos as everyone was full of laughs.  Then I got some alone time with the bride and groom which is always my favorite part of photographing weddings.  These two make love look so simple.  

We got out to their reception held in Ardrossan and seriously the venue was decorated beautifully.  The colors were amazing and little details weren't missed. They had a great wheel which added to the fun making guest spin the wheel to get them to kiss.

Thanks Deanna and Brad for including me in one of the most important days in your life.  Next photo session.....newborn please!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I'm back at it!

I recently took the last couple months to be quiet and bring another baby into this world.  However now that we have adjusted to two kids in the house I feel I need to get back to what I love.....PHOTOGRAPHY!  Now trust me, I didn't actually take much time off.  I actually had a few sessions 4 days after giving birth to my daughter.  People thought I was nuts however when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work.

I became a mom for the first time in 2010 when I was blessed with my son.  This was definately the most important part of my life.  This is also when I developed my love of photography.  Many of us can go online and portray someone we aren't.  Let's face it people.....facebook....we really all post only good things about ourselves.  Many of us aren't honest about our own lives.  I had a huge life change in 2010 and haven't looked back.  Many of us have been through things that we grow from.  I feel now I'm contstantly opening up to people arround me and because of that business keeps coming in.  I do not live a fake life at all anymore.

I'm real.  I learn from my mistakes.  I also seem to have people around me that come to me now for advice.  I made a mistake that many of us do.  I married the WRONG person.  I was young.  Not willing to listen to any one's advice then,  boy, I wish I had.  I settled for someone absolutely not worthy of me.  It however made me wake up.  Made me start living real.  Made me raise my expectations of men and take pride in teaching my son how to be the best person possible.  Those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting my son are usually blown away.  He's definately something to be proud of.  He's absolutely not a mistake, but let's face it nobody plans to raise a child in a broken home.

Many of you can relate.  Which is sad but REAL!  

I decided from that point on to take time to build my business and focus on being the best mom I could be.  I haven't looked back.  I took pride in people meeting my son and not saying "oh it's hard for him because she is a single mom".  My business has grown quickly and I am truly thankful for the referalls.  We all need to take a step back and learn from our mistakes.  If it wasn't for what I had gone through I probably would never of pushed myself into photography.

Now let's fast forward.  I've been truly blessed!  I get to do a job every day that doesn't feel like work.  I meet wonderful amazing clients.  As well.....i've been blessed with an AMAZING man.  Ladies I know many of you think you have an incredible partner and that makes me so happy.  I do however feel that I am the LUCKIEST.  I've known him for many years and our lives took us down different paths.  I never believed in soulmates before him.  We were just blessed with a daughter who is absolutely perfect.  This time around it's completely different.  Don't get me wrong I loved being a single mom.  When people felt sorry for me my response would always be "it's son and I do what we want and he's being raised right".  Now having had my daughter just a few weeks ago I realize what I missed out on.  Having a partner to share this experience with is truly amazing.  He's the best dad I could have hoped for for my children.  My son is lucky and we always thank him for choosing us, because that is truly what he has done.  He chose to love me and teach my son how to be a good man in this world.

We recently made the move back to Kelowna, BC.  Now for all my Edmonton clients don't panic.  You wont even notice I am gone as I have regular visits back to Edmonton booked.  Before this I would travel back to Kelowna every second month and do sessions there.  Instead we have chosen to live in Kelowna and raise our family there, however I still have friends and family back in Edmonton so will have regular session dates available there too.

I am already booking into fall in both Edmonton and Kelowna.  As well booking 2016 weddings so do not hesitate to contact me for all your photography needs.