Monday, 11 August 2014

How I balance being a successful photographer and a mother.

Recently I got an email from a super inspiring photographer who I cannot seem to get enough of.  He also mentors and helps other photographers be as successful as they can possibly be.  His work is incredible and the way he balances a family is absolutely inspirational.

In this email he made such great points that totally made me want to share with you so you understand a little bit more about what it takes for me to be a photographer while still being the best mom I can be.

First off.....scheduling.  Super important!  Whether I am booking a time to shoot or just time to edit from home it all requires organization and planning.  When working for myself I have noticed balancing time is a bit more of a challenge.  Usually I plan my time as best I can however there are times I notice balancing work time and family time can be a challenge.  The reason I chose to become a photographer however was so I was able to be the most involved mom I could be.  I didn't want to drop off my son at 7 am at dayhome and then rush to pick him up after work and be exhausted and struggling through dinner, bath, and bed.  I feel blessed to have a wonderful support system with friends and family that I can be the most involved mom possible.  Usually my days consist of spending quality time with my son and editing once he is in bed.

Also mentioned was DRESS up and CLEAN up.  This thankfully is something I take pride in.  I remember there was a point in my life where things didn't feel right.  It was a struggle for me to get ready in the mornings and an unhappy life made this all even harder.  I made huge life changes and now, as many of you know if you have come to my home it's usually organized and clean.  Yes, it is a priviledge to be able to work from home and I guess for some of it I really could be in my PJ's.  However, taking pride in yourself and your looks makes you much more productive.  Something so simple as our day to day routine is definately helpful.   Also a lot of mom's ask me how I do it.  First things first.....I do expect a lot from my son.  Yes he just turned 4 years old, but if I didn't expect a lot from him our home would be total chaos.  I see a lot of parents struggling but honestly the more you expect from your children the more help you have.

Finally, stay healthy and energized.  This is absolutely important.  Getting good sleep allows you to be alert and productive.  In our home we usually begin our days with a protein smoothie and a work out.  (Let's slightly rephrase that....I get on the elliptical and my son pulls out his yoga mat....or sometimes his toys)  We then spend some time getting ready for the day together.  We make games out of it and it's usually our time to crank some music and dance.  Now if I have booked sessions he goes to either a friends or dayhome.  This allows him to be busy while I work.  I do have a studio in my home but having him here isn't always fun for him or I.  He's extremely interested in what I do and a great helper.  Even today he asked if the next wedding I photograph he can be my assistant and hold an umbrella for me.  Hehe.

Balance is difficult in all aspects of life but these are some of the things I do in order to be a successful photographer and mother.

Thank you to Ashley Sykes Photography for capturing these images of my son and I. Much appreciated!