Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Chiropractic is not just going for an adjustment.

My families health is so very important to me.  So I was thrilled when my Chiropractors Dr. Travis and Dr. Sarah of Health in Hand Family Chiropractic asked me to do a photo session of some of their clients for new marketing material.

First off there are so many myths surrounding Chiropractic that many of you think that once you get injured that is when to search out a Chiropractic Practitioner.  This is entirely false.  These amazing doctors are part of my regular health care.  I went to visit Dr. Sarah when I realized I wanted to become a mom and she adjusted my pelvis which was extremely out.  I was pregnant the following month so you can imagine how thrilled I was.  From this point on I knew they would be an active part of my families health.
 I was then adjusted throughout my entire pregnancy with my son.  This allowed me to be able to work up until the day I delivered him as well I truly feel it made my delivery so much easier.  Sleep while in the later stages of pregnancy can be a challenge so they ensured I was as comfortable as possible.

My healthy son was born in 2010 and was adjusted at just a few hours old on the way home from the hospital.  At about 3 months he suffered from acid reflux which a doctor prescribed him a medicine.  I was very apprehensive as it wasn't an avenue I was wanting to go.  However I gave into the pressure from the doctor to put him on this medication.  I will never forget what happened next.  10 days of no sleep. NONE!  So I went in crying and Dr. Travis informed me that the prescription I was prescribed did have a side affect of insomnia. We immediately decided to have him regularly adjusted and took him off the medication immediately.  He never suffered from it again.

Then came the birth of my second child.  I was back living in Edmonton however regularly coming back to Kelowna for adjustments.  I had my doctor scheduled to deliver my baby tell me that my daughter was unfortunately breech.  This came as a shock and I was unsure what to do as I was hoping to not have a c-section.   I took a trip back to Kelowna for a week of regulary daily adjustments and attempts to turn baby.  Dr. Sarah and Dr. Travis advised me it wasn't a sure thing but I was willing to try anything.  Guess what!!!! She turned.  She was head down and when I went for my ultrasound after my trip they were thrilled to hear that she cooperated.

Now the wonderful part.  We were able to move back to Kelowna full time and now my family regularly visits Health in Hand Family Chiropractic.  They are an essential part of my families health.  My son even had a ear infection before Christmas and I rushed to the Emergency room as it was Saturday at 5 pm.  He sat crying screaming in pain while I waited for 3 hours.  Worried that all they would do is prescribe him antibiotic I was very conflicted as a parent.  I called Dr. Travis.  His immediate response was NO DRUGS.  We will do an adjustment tonight.  No lies I drove my son there while he cried.  He is always thrilled to get adjusted and this time tears rolling down his face he didn't want to go in.  I promised it would help.  He had a quick adjustment by Dr. Sarah and a special (ear adjustment).  He was not crying as we left.  He was able to go to sleep.  Shockingly he woke up completely fine.  No pain and ready to take on a new day.

My daughter has had regular adjustments however we took some time off over Christmas with busy schedules and visitors.  We also were introducing baby foods to her.  I thought I was doing everything right following rice cereal, oats, wheat, etc.  My baby has always slept through the night and all of a sudden I wasn't sure what was going on.  She was up 3-4 times a night.  I realized she hadn't been in for her regular adjustment.  Also Dr. Travis took the time to run a scan and he said "what's going on with her guts it's her stomach that's bothering her" I hadn't even told him we had started food.  He reccomended not doing any grain and trying baby led weaning.  Literally she slept through the night again and has ever since.  She loves her food and it's much more simple for us to feed her what we are eating rather than making pureed foods.

These wonderful people are a serious asset to my families health.  They not only adjust us but they are my go to for all my health questions. As I continue to grow my family they ensure our immune systems are in check and we are all happy and healthy.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Travis.....from the bottom of my heart thank you!
Thank you for looking out for our family like your own.

Dr. Travis and Dr. Sarah and their own two children

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