Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I'm back at it!

I recently took the last couple months to be quiet and bring another baby into this world.  However now that we have adjusted to two kids in the house I feel I need to get back to what I love.....PHOTOGRAPHY!  Now trust me, I didn't actually take much time off.  I actually had a few sessions 4 days after giving birth to my daughter.  People thought I was nuts however when you love what you do it doesn't feel like work.

I became a mom for the first time in 2010 when I was blessed with my son.  This was definately the most important part of my life.  This is also when I developed my love of photography.  Many of us can go online and portray someone we aren't.  Let's face it people.....facebook....we really all post only good things about ourselves.  Many of us aren't honest about our own lives.  I had a huge life change in 2010 and haven't looked back.  Many of us have been through things that we grow from.  I feel now I'm contstantly opening up to people arround me and because of that business keeps coming in.  I do not live a fake life at all anymore.

I'm real.  I learn from my mistakes.  I also seem to have people around me that come to me now for advice.  I made a mistake that many of us do.  I married the WRONG person.  I was young.  Not willing to listen to any one's advice then,  boy, I wish I had.  I settled for someone absolutely not worthy of me.  It however made me wake up.  Made me start living real.  Made me raise my expectations of men and take pride in teaching my son how to be the best person possible.  Those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting my son are usually blown away.  He's definately something to be proud of.  He's absolutely not a mistake, but let's face it nobody plans to raise a child in a broken home.

Many of you can relate.  Which is sad but REAL!  

I decided from that point on to take time to build my business and focus on being the best mom I could be.  I haven't looked back.  I took pride in people meeting my son and not saying "oh it's hard for him because she is a single mom".  My business has grown quickly and I am truly thankful for the referalls.  We all need to take a step back and learn from our mistakes.  If it wasn't for what I had gone through I probably would never of pushed myself into photography.

Now let's fast forward.  I've been truly blessed!  I get to do a job every day that doesn't feel like work.  I meet wonderful amazing clients.  As well.....i've been blessed with an AMAZING man.  Ladies I know many of you think you have an incredible partner and that makes me so happy.  I do however feel that I am the LUCKIEST.  I've known him for many years and our lives took us down different paths.  I never believed in soulmates before him.  We were just blessed with a daughter who is absolutely perfect.  This time around it's completely different.  Don't get me wrong I loved being a single mom.  When people felt sorry for me my response would always be "it's great....my son and I do what we want and he's being raised right".  Now having had my daughter just a few weeks ago I realize what I missed out on.  Having a partner to share this experience with is truly amazing.  He's the best dad I could have hoped for for my children.  My son is lucky and we always thank him for choosing us, because that is truly what he has done.  He chose to love me and teach my son how to be a good man in this world.

We recently made the move back to Kelowna, BC.  Now for all my Edmonton clients don't panic.  You wont even notice I am gone as I have regular visits back to Edmonton booked.  Before this I would travel back to Kelowna every second month and do sessions there.  Instead we have chosen to live in Kelowna and raise our family there, however I still have friends and family back in Edmonton so will have regular session dates available there too.

I am already booking into fall in both Edmonton and Kelowna.  As well booking 2016 weddings so do not hesitate to contact me for all your photography needs.