Thursday, 24 April 2014

Boudoir should try it.

I put out a model search a little while ago with some specific looks in mind.  The reason I needed to find models was so that I could get permission to put them on my website. 

Quite often my clients are doing a boudoir session for their partner so not always comfortable with their photos being online.  So sometimes just so you ladies can see my work I have to put out a model call.

 I feel like more women should take the opportunity to have Boudoir photo's done.  How fun was this session in a bubble bath.  There is endless ideas for boudoir sessions.  I love when I get requests from clients with different ideas or themes.  This makes my job an absolute blast.

I recently met this lovely blonde when I photographed her two french bulldogs for a fundraiser I was doing.  When I put out a request for a model and she responded I was absolutely thrilled.  The best part is we plan to work together this summer.  She has an online store that sells vintage, retro, and rockabilly products. Off The Radar Clothing. You absolutely need to check her out.  I can't wait for our shoot this summer as well we will be looking for models for some themed shoots we will be doing together so stay tuned.

I also love when women ask me what to wear.  It can be so simple.  It doesn't always need to be fancy lingerie that you don't own.  This is an awesome example of black panties.  So simple, right?  Or a white top is very fitting with this light.

If you want to see more of my work please check out my Portfolio!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

I take pride in being the best mom I can be!

When I found out I was pregnant I never knew how my life would change.  Until you have a little soul you need to nurture it's all about you.  You make mistakes....but those mistakes are just yours.  When you become a mother you no longer think about yourself.  This is entirely true.

My son was brought into this world June 16 th, 2010.  My life will never be the same.  When my son was born I owned a couple pet food boutiques.  One in Kelowna and the other in Kamloops.  This was absolutely crazy.  I was back at work immediately after having my son.  Never taking a moment to realize what I was doing.

I feel extremely blessed however to have had my son in Kelowna, BC.  This is where my life really changed for the better.  I made huge life changes.  I first began by getting out of a mairrage that was entirely wrong.  I wanted my son to experience a healthy happy life.  I also began to change my way of thinking.  I began to realize I wanted to live a clean, positive, and pure life.  

I made a decision as a new mom to create the best life I could for my son.  I wanted him to be healthy and happy.  I decided no more medication for either of us.  This also included immunizations.  Now before this starts a huge debate.  This is a decision I made for my son.  I don't judge those of you who choose to immunize.  I am also unsure as to whether I will never immunize.  Possibly when I take him to foreign countries my ideas will change.  However for now this works for us.  His immune system is so great.  He is rarely sick and so far whenever he even gets a cold it is very simply a runny nose for the day.

I teach him how to eat as clean as possible, and thankfully he really eats healthy and it isn't a fight in our home.  Now he doesn't go without I just try to have a good balance.  He occasionally gets sugar just everything in moderation.  He loves to help me cook, and recently his job is the dishes.  Yes, he's only 3 however teaching kids at a young age is important.  We are able to keep our home under control by him helping out.  Yes...he's too young to mow the lawn, however he makes his own bed and does his laundry and is learning to be an independant strong man.

My son has been so advanced which makes me so glad I made the decision to slow down and be an involved mom.  I am the proudest mom out there.  We enjoy the time we spend together.  Whether we are travelling to visit friends and family in Kelowna, or just enjoying time in the backyard he knows how proud I am.  

I beleive kids should have time to just be kids.  He's done lot's of things from yoga, skating, swimming.  He's not missing out at all however sometimes we as parents struggle to just let them be kids.  We are too busy running them from one thing to the next.  I feel we need to slow down and just let them be.  My son decides.  I don't force him into things.  He tried jujitsu and it entirely wasn't for him.  So instead of pushing him I just took the time to let him be.

Now, as many of you know I take pride in being a good single mom.  I feel he needs stable.  I don't have random people coming in and out of his life. Yes, there is times where it is difficult.  We are together all the time.  The simple thing like running out of milk and hoping to run out to the store after he goes to bed....that just doesn't happen.  However we just plan a little better.

I also am excited that photography will enable me to home school.  Now I have chosen Virtual school as the best option for us.  It's still structured but he can do his school from wherever we are.  So if I want to spend a month in Kelowna I can.  His education is extremely important to me so I have done my research on what I think will work for him.  If he wasn't social I would look at the traditional schooling system, however if you have met my son you will know he's extremely social.

With having a small studio in my home he sometimes even has the opportunity of being my assistant and learning what I do.  His brain is always learning and I absolutely love seeing that.

Our children learn from what we teach them.  So take a minute....slow down.  Take pride in being the best parent you can.  You won't regret it.  I promise!

Friday, 11 April 2014


I met Amanda a couple of years ago.  From that moment on we had a great business relationship.  I discovered she crocheted.  Which worked perfectly!  I needed a bunch of custom photo props for newborns and she needed family photos.  The perfect trade.

If you haven't visited her facebook page definately check her out.  She's unique and amazing.  I basically give her an idea and she takes it and runs with it.

I started with a collection of newborn hats something simple and basic and then WOW.

Whether its diaper covers, and hats, or special things like hammocks KABUKIKREATIONS is incredible.

I continue to order personal items as well like slippers for my son and hats for myself.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Our new member of our family.....yes not my typical dog!

As most of you love of dogs is out of this world.  I have spent many years rescuing and rehoming bulldogs and pitbulls.  They are my breed of choice and always have been.

Recently my son and I went to Kelowna for a visit with friends and family.  We go back regularly and I have a friend who breeds Biewer Yorkies.  I have visited many times and I have photographed many litters of hers.  Always leaving saying "yah i'm not really a little dog person"

My last trip to Kelowna included a visit to Itty Bitty Buddies so my son could hold a 2 week old puppy.

I decided to help my girlfriend Karyl with Itty Bitty Buddies who breeds these Biewer Yorkies.  She needed to have Porshe brought to Edmonton in order to breed her with a male here to expand her lines.  Rocklin was thrilled to have her ride on his lap for 10 hours all the way back.  However by Canmore, AB he had decided he didn't want to give her up.  Made this really difficult.  Then, the breeding never ended up happening so when I got the call that she was going back to Kelowna I said "no".  Rocklin needs her!!!

I have never fell in love with a dog so quickly in my entire life.  I'm a big dog person. A jerk dog person.  Bullies are my breed.  However, this beauty has changed my mind entirely.  Her temperament is incredible.  Karyl breeds these dogs and honestly I've never seen such incredible dogs that are sweet and amazing with children.  I realize how wonderful she will be in our life.  She's little and with us traveling so much she can just come with us.  Rocklin can walk her, sleep with her, play with her.  

Welcome to the family Porshe!!!!

If you or anyone you know are looking for an incredible member of the family I would absolutely recommend her.  As well Porshe will be having puppies one day, so stay tuned.

My lifes me where I am!

Many people say they don't have any regrets.  I like to think I don't regret my life, however learn from my mistakes.

There are still a few things I wish I had done differently.  First of which was the fact I decided I wanted to be a hairstylist.  I Spent a lot of money going to school to follow this dream. passion for business set in.  I ended up buying a hair salon while still in school.  I went into business with two other girls.  First mistake. Lol.  I knew better.  However the biggest mistake I made was dropping out of school with 1 week left to run the business.  I figured I didn't need the licence.

I now realize that was something I never should have done.  I don't ever want to be a hair dresser however still after spending that money on school, a licence would have been nice.

Next, I made a mistake many people choose to do.  I can't fully say I absolutely regret it because I have a wonderful son out of it.  I did however choose to marry the wrong person.  This was a decision I made, nobody forced me into it.  However now I wish I had never done that.  I wish I could offer words of advice for women who need to learn more about themselves before making such a huge decision.  This however has also made me realize how important it is to raise my son to be a good husband.  It has also changed my expectation of men.  It wasn't until I was seperated that I was able to live my dream and pursue my passion for photography.  So the positive of this was that having someone so unsupportive of my passions pushed me to pursue it even harder.

I also made a huge business mistake.  I purchased a couple franchise's without doing enough research.  I was a very trusting individual.  I wanted to beleive in the good in this world.  However now I realize I definately needed to do a better job of inquiring into what I was exactly getting into.  Rather than just wanting a particular lifestyle.

Now....these are a few things in my life that I regret however they got me to where I am today.  I love my life.  I'm surrounded by amazing friends and family.  My clients are incredible, and with the amount of referalls I get I truly am thankful.  I am also blessed with an incredible son.  He's the smartest most entertaining little man.

Regrets....nah.  Life lessons! Absolutely.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


As many of you know I do a lot of work raising money for dog rescues.  The past couple months I have done a bunch of fundraising days of Pet Portriats.  These sessions have filled up immediately and have raised a lot of money for Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.  

Now with spring in sight.....this fundraiser will be absolutely FANTASTIC.  I usually do pet portriats for donation.  How about a new family photo instead.  Who doesn't love FREE Family Photos!!!

These sessions will fill up almost immediately.  I'm going to apologize now if you are unable to book in.  These are by appointment only.  For a minimum donation of $30 you will get a 15 minute session and 2 edited photos via email.  These donations will need to be paid in full in order to book to ensure no cancellations.


CONTACT us to Book your spot today.

Mother's Day Boudoir Marathon

What better way to feel beautiful than by doing a boudoir session.

This day will be an absolute blast.

Location will be in a hotel on the south side and there will be a wonderful hair stylist and makeup artist there to ensure you feel your best.

ALSO!!! This makes a great gift for mom's for Mother's Day.  Surprise her with a session so she can see how you really see her....absolutely georgous!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Greg Clark - Alberta Party

My job puts such wonderful people in my path.  I got the opportunity to photograph Greg Clark the Leader of the Alberta Party.

We worked hard at getting our schedules to coordinate.  We had originally hoped for a full session including his family.  However he is one busy guy.  So instead we snuck in a short session quickly.  I met him at the Lacombe Memorial Centre, before he went into meetings.

As we got to chatting he made me see what a warm individual he is.  He lit up when talking about his daughters which is always so nice to see.  Take a minute to follow him on FACEBOOK