Friday, 1 May 2015

Mother's Day Gift Certificate's ON SALE!

Moms.....are definately some of the most special people that walk this earth. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts one can ever have.  It will change your life entirely.  I know when speaking to many mothers they didn't know they could love something so much until they had a child.

"No influence is so powerful as that of a mother" 

What gift can you give her that she will treasure every day for the rest of her life?

This mother's day forget about the flowers that will die, or the chocolates she will regretfully eat.  

Purchase a gift certificate for ONLY $195 (reg. $295) for her to use towards a 30 minute mini session and 10 edited photos whenever she likes.

CONTACT me today to purchase your gift certificate

Trust me.....every mother LOVES new photos of her most precious things in life.