Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pure Kids Inc.

Some of you may know I got into photography in order to be a stay at home mom.  However there are times when I do need childcare.  This can be the most difficult decision mom's have to make.  Many mom's that have to go back to work struggle with who is watching there children.  I don't have that struggle.

I want to introduce you to Pure Kids Inc.  I met Chelsea a couple years ago when she came to me for a maternity session and from that moment on I couldn't live my life without her.  Her and I instantly clicked and i felt she was put in my life at that moment for a reason.  She struggled with the idea of going back to work and the lack of good clean healthy childcare was killing her.  She has a daughter who is 5 and a son who is a year and these two are the most important things in life to her.  This is when she came to me with the idea of Pure Kids Inc.  She wanted my honest opinion as a mom and a business woman.  My immediate response was "Where do i sign up?"

Whether you are a mom now or one day expecting to be this will be something you need to consider.

I then introduced her to Laura, a very close friend of mine.  Laura came into my life and some of you may be shocked.  I beleive the best thing for children is being surrounded by people who love them.  Laura is my son's step mom.  Yes, I feel blessed to call her my friend.  From the moment she met my son she treated him as her own.  For this reason I absolutely love her.  She has an incredible little girl who is 1 and extremely entertaining and full of life.  Chelsea decided she would be a fantastic fit and the first employee added into Pure Kids Inc. This definately isn't just a place who will hire or take on anyone.  Laura and Chelsea are both incredible moms first and foremost.

With a huge wait list already and me constantly sending people their way it's this growing seed that is absolutely exciting.  They have now decided to open spots slowly for the right fit and expand as they need.  There is such a need immediately for AMAZING CHILDCARE!

What better than to start off small and grow as needed.  What better than one incredible mom helping you raise your children.  2 INCREDIBLE Moms.  This duo is unstoppable.  Their focus is on healthy, happy, thriving children.  

With my second baby on the way its important to have a team behind me that believes in the same things I do.  I feel as I grow I surround myself with like minded individuals.  I don't plan on taking much time off immediately after having my little girl.  I've cut back my weddings this season however I love that I don't stress when it comes to who will watch my children while I work. This comes in handy considering I have 4 newborns scheduled the same time I am due.

 What is important for you when contemplating childcare?  For me it was that they were nourished.  I want clean food going into their little bodies and them to be educated on health and nutrition.  No chemicals!  My son came home the other day and said "mom I had seaweed and tuna wraps and turns out I don't like seaweed but I did try it".  Never does he come home pumped full of sugar and things I do not agree with.  I also want them to spend time outside in the fresh air.  I never wanted my children cooped up in a facility where they were a number and ate a peice of toast.  I also wanted my son to have little to no TV.  This was important for me as I wanted to be the one to teach him things.  I want him to learn by play.

If you or someone you know is looking for quality childcare look no further.  Contact Pure Kids Inc.  I obviously highly reccomend them.  Even if you just take a minute to "like" their facebook page it's full of like minded moms and fantastic information.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


First off I want to take this moment to explain to you that I too am a woman!  I currently have one 4 year old and am expecting my second child this May.  I am the first to understand those self conscious thoughts we all have.  Some of my clients have actually had boudoir sessions with other photographers and absolutely say their session with myself is totally different and they felt extremely comfortable.  Might have had something to do with the fact that I too am a woman and I understand what we have issues with.  Also I'm usually the one who's getting into the poses I am asking these woman to do.  So that usually makes them more comfortable.  Many of you have every excuse not to do a boudoir session.  "Once I get my body back" or "I'm not sexy or confident"

I regularly have conversations with women who absolutely LOVE the photos I do however don't think they could possibly do a boudoir session and be happy with the photos.  I have experienced everything under the sun while shooting boudoir sessions.  I have photographed women who have previously had boudoir photos taken and they are thrilled after our session at how comfortable I am able to make them and how absolutely incredible they feel.  I have also experienced women nearly in tears they are so uncomfortable and by the end they want to book another session because they can't beleive what they have seen just on the back of the camera (let alone before editing)

Here is my reasons I think BOUDOIR PHOTOS are absolute must.

There are many myth's surrounded by boudoir photography.  If you have considered doing boudoir photos before but have yet to book a session this post will answer some of your questions.

First, boudoir photography isn't about women who think they have perfect bodies.  It's about focusing on your assets.  Beginning to be comfortable in your own skin.  My client's don't think they are flawless, but they're confident in spite of that.  Most women who book sessions are just regular women.  They are BEAUTIFUL, not perfect model bodies.  Whether they are doing a session for a partner or are doing photos to feel confident, these sessions are definately some of my favorite.

Secondly,  women think they need to be overtly sexy and these sessions are only for women who can act sexy in front of a lens.  My clients choose me because I am able to make them comfortable and the images I take are tasteful and authentically them.  Acting sexy isn't what I aim for,  I shoot for confidence.  Its my job to pose and shape the body to accentuate your figure.  The best is when a woman laughs during a session and I am able to capture a flirty fun side.  I help you realize which aspects of you are going to best be photographed. 

I begin each session with attention to details.  We become comfortable with one another and I discuss any part of you which isn't your favorite asset.  I ensure straps are in place and tags are cut out.  These little details make photo's wonderful.  Editing is another huge part of boudoir photography ensuring that when you see that image you are absolutely astonished.  I understand my clients are usually nervous on shoot day and I do take that seriously.  Usually those nerves don't last long and once I flip my camera over so you can see an image, the smiles shine and women become even more confident.  The final product is what I strive for.  In the end it's all about the women and bringing their inner beauty out.

Thirdly,  many think Boudoir photography is all about sex.  This is however not the case at all.  It's more about self confidence and empowerment.  Honestly many brides I photograph enjoy putting together these images for their groom to surprise him with the day of their wedding.  It adds to the excitement.  I also do mini session's for stagette nights which is always an absolutely blast.  Women get together and do hair and makeup followed by mini sessions and a night out on the town.  

Lastly, boudoir photography is only for women with a signifigant other.  This is absolutely not the case.  Many women think if you are single there is no point.  More than anything I think boudoir photography is a gift to yourself.  It's about celebrating who you are in the exact moment of your life and owning it.  It's about loving yourself and seeing yourself in a new way.  I personally know the benefits of this and it is one of the most empowering things I have done.  

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a session please CONTACT me.