Friday, 28 August 2015

Slow down mommy....just enjoy these moments

Recently I was inspired to write a blog post by reading one of a close friend of mine.  Dr. Sarah is not only a friend but our family chiropractor.  I woke up one smoky morning to a post she shared that she wrote.  Mom's it's a great link at the bottom of this post which I absolutely reccomend reading.

When it comes to my busy life now I realize it's different with this child.  As some of you know I recently had my second child.  She's now 3 months and growing so fast.  The main reason I went into photography after my first son was born (he's now 5) is that I wanted to capture moments and memories for not only myself but my clients.  It's amazing what we don't see even when it is in front of us every day.  I'm pretty lucky to have a studio in my home which allows me to head into there every month for a quick little session with my new girl.  Not all parents get this opportunity.

One month

Two Months
Three Months

Now many time's after finishing a cakesmash session I warn the mom.  I warn her she may cry. I warn her that she will notice how grown up they are.  I warn her because I see it every day.  These little miracles I get the opportunity to photograph and watch grow.

Mason - One year and birth

I had a moment the other day watching my son skateboard (Yes I said that right) He's just turned 5 and has really taken a liking for it.  I'm sitting on a bench at the skatepark feeding my daughter while watching him.  Watching him talk to the bigger kids.  Watching him interact and learn.  I tear up a bit as I tell him we have to go and he walks over to the other kids and gives them a fist pump. I feel as though it was just yesterday he was in my arms.  So when he wakes in the middle of the night with a bad dream I don't get upset or frustrated I am up in the middle of the night.  I lay down next to him wondering where the time has gone.

These little people grow around us so quickly.   I knew I wanted nothing more than to be a mom.  I wasn't sure I would be blessed to be able to do it again.  Family is so important to us and we take every moment we can to appreciate that.  I was sitting with a couple other families the other weekend laughing at how life is so different with children.  It was Saturday night and we were on the beach watching an outdoor movie. This was perfect to us.

Mom's remember to slow down.  Please.  Remember to put down your phones as much as possible to take in these moments.  As you watch your babies grow just remember it goes so fast.  Too fast! 

This past week the air quality in Kelowna hasn't been good for kids.  The smoke from all the fires is preventing us mom's from taking our babies out to the beach or park.  However it's also given me time to slow down.  To watch my kids grow.  We have spent time indoors baking, crafting, and doing lego.  Its even given me time to write this post while watching my baby try so desperately to fit her whole fist in her mouth as her teeth are on their way.  Wasnt it just yesterday we were watching her move inside me.

We need to slow down.  I know it's harder to do than we think.  Many parents work full time jobs and when they pick up their babies it's go go go.  How do you fit it all in while just simply getting through the day.  Let alone enjoying these precious moments.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder to slow down.  To take in those little moments because before you know it...those little moments will be gone.  They will be all grown up and you wont know where the time has gone.  Oh and just another reminder to capture those moments as best you can.  I offer regular mini sessions for families and they are perfect for families with young kids.

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Here is that link I promised before take a moment to read it.

 From my family to yours.....get out and enjoy your babies before they aren't babies anymore.

Photo by Pixel Photography

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Deanna & Brad ~ Tie the Knot

I had the pleasure of photographing these two as they celebrated their big day.  I met them through Brad's sister Kim who has been a client for years.  I knew when they came to me that if they were related to Kim this wedding was going to be a blast.

Now as life would take it I ended up back in Kelowna before the big day.  Deanna emailed me an itinerary of the day and I didn't think it was for real!  She was beyond organized.  Slightly made me feel I needed to forward it to all brides.

I made the trip from Kelowna extremely excited and looking forward to their big day.  We started the day with the girls getting ready at Brad and Deanna's home.  I was greeted by her father on the front lawn and I knew from that moment I was probably going to cry at this wedding.  He was so proud!  He was excited to see his little girl.  As the girls got ready and enjoyed being ahead of schedule (as per the amazing itinerary) I knew this was going to be one fun day.

They had their ceremony at Greystone Gardens Bed and Breakfast.  This place is an amazing place just outside of Devon and the photo opportunities there are endless.  When I got to the place and saw the Brad for the first time (my second shooter Laura with Pixel Photography was with the guys all morning) he was all smiles.  He knew he was going to be seeing his bride shortly and the anticipation was going to end.

Brad and Deanna's wedding party was hilarious and entertaining.  This always makes for a fun time.  We flew through their photos as everyone was full of laughs.  Then I got some alone time with the bride and groom which is always my favorite part of photographing weddings.  These two make love look so simple.  

We got out to their reception held in Ardrossan and seriously the venue was decorated beautifully.  The colors were amazing and little details weren't missed. They had a great wheel which added to the fun making guest spin the wheel to get them to kiss.

Thanks Deanna and Brad for including me in one of the most important days in your life.  Next photo session.....newborn please!