Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Blended families....isn't such a bad thing.

I consider myself one of the luckiest individuals around.  I get to do a job that doesn't feel like work to me.  I have an amazing support system.  My friends and family are seriously incredible.

I seem to regularly meet such inspiring individuals who make my life better.  It never ceases to amaze me how when you project a positive attitude good things happen.

I have been blessed with such wonderful family.  I know we all think that.  I never thought I would come from a blended family.  I always thought I would have a family who was in my terms normal.  However, realizing now.....blended families are amazing!  You now have so many more people in your life to love and support you.

I regularly get to witness such different family dynamics.  I appreciate all of my clients bringing me into their life to capture their memories.  When doing family photography I get to meet such amazing people and hear such fun stories about family dynamics.  Sometimes I'm not always sure how to react and always need to be careful with my words.  For example when photographing a family sometimes I may not always be sure on who exactly are the parents.  It's quite easy to slip up and say to a child "go sit by mommy" when sometimes that isn't their mommy as they know it.

 Also when photographing weddings sometimes the dynamics are even more difficult.  Sometimes divorced parents add to the challenge.  These instances require a little more thinking.  I usually reassure the bride that this is their day and I will help in any way possible in ensuring everyone is comfortable.

I have struggled over the years trying to make sense of my blended family however finally now have come to realize how incredible it really is.  Honestly.....I used to think it was a negative however now it's entirely a positive.  I have an even bigger support system now.

My dad recently got remarried and I have gained a stepmom and some new siblings which is AWESOME!

My mom got married and now I have a Step dad and Step lucky am I!

Many of you are unsure as to how to make a family session work.  I have also had situations where families split up right before their sessions.  Life happens.  It doesn't mean we have to stop capturing it.  We just roll with it.  I even photograph families that have split up sometimes.....I start with dad and the kids and then mom and the kids.  Ideas are endless.  Don't stop capturing life, embrace it.  

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Christmas Mini Sessions - BOOK NOW!

Are you struggling to think of that perfect gift for the grandparents who have everything. Trust me....they would love a new family photo of you guys.

The ideas are endless.....comfy pj session, tobogganing, or a studio session.  Regardless which you choose it's the perfect time to capture your family.  

Why not send out custom Christmas cards?  Everyone love's receiving these in the mail at the holiday season.

Book now so you have time to get your Christmas cards printed.  CONTACT me to secure your session.