Thursday, 8 October 2015

Not ALL Wedding Photographers are the same

So.....I just got married myself! Having just been a bride I felt I needed to share with you.

Lately I have had so many questions asked by brides and even brides who I wasn't able to fit in their wedding.  First off......not all wedding photographers are the same.  Honestly you might even like their photos in their portfolio however that doesn't mean you will be happy with your photo's of your big day.

Pricing plays a huge part in your choice of photographer for your special day.  Now as a photographer and a bride I just have to say you cannot get this day back.  You cannot redo your wedding.  If you are disappointed you are stuck.  Now I am not saying you need to extend your budget for photography in order to get good photos.  I am also not saying that if you spend huge money you will get what you hope for.  What I am saying is research!!! It's not always just liking their portfolio.

Whoever you choose to hire first off imposes on your special day.  They are there with you on a day that seems to fly by.  They should be there to help not just stand back.  I realise this because I am sure to capture what I need in order to feel satisfied I did my job.  Let's face it not all brides are photographers.  This being said if your photographer just stands back and doesn't tell you what to do how are you to know that you missed a photo opportunity.  I help my clients work out schedules and pick time frames that are realistic to capture as much as possible.  If my clients need to keep their budget down I explain what options are and what photos might be more important to them in the long run.

For example.  Your day flies by and usually your photos help you remember it.  What if you missed out on a photo you were hoping for.  For example you were hoping to get a photo of your dad's first sight of you but unless you say that not every photographer thinks that is important.

Now a large part of photography is the business side.  This is something you might not know.  I hear horror stories continually of brides being disappointed on how a photographer dealt with situations.  You may not know what to ask when hiring a photographer.  Things like choosing packages that include a second shooter and then having a photographer show up at your wedding with just them, is a huge disappointment.  Or not being able to get quick replies back.  This can be so frustrating not only in photography.  I realise that it is so exciting to see your wedding photos.  Trust me....I am just as excited to edit them.  I hear of brides waiting for 3-6 months to get their wedding photos.  This is shocking to me.  I cannot imagine waiting that long.  Part of why I don't book 3 weddings each week is so that I am able to set aside time to edit.  I promise my brides a sneak peak within a couple of days.  If I am travelling for the wedding sometimes it's a little more challenging however I do whatever it takes.  Many brides are wanting photos to share on facebook with friends and family.  I always make sure to get them a little something almost immediately.  Then I quote a realistic time frame for them to expect ALL their images.  This is usually 1 month however that is always worst case scenario.  I NEVER and I mean NEVER have a bride contact me looking for her photos.  I am always upfront with them and in regular contact with them throughout the process.  

When people unaware with photography see prices for wedding photography they may be shocked.  However please be aware you are paying for more than just photos.  You are paying for their equipment costs, editing skills, talent, and business skills.  These are things you cannot put a price on.  When it comes to researching your photographer ask for references.  This can go a long way.  Ask for other brides names so you can hear about their experience.  With facebook now a days you may see a beautiful photo and immediately think "I want to hire that photographer!" however what you may not know is that they showed up late to that wedding, they took 6 months to get them their photos after numerous emails to them, or they missed photo opportunities that the couple cannot get back. 

I never leave a wedding without consulting my bride and groom to make sure they felt that they got everything they hoped for.  This is important to me.  I want amazing referrals not just amazing photos.  I do destination weddings for this reason.  Many of my clients are not willing to risk their special day just to hope someone they hire will get them what they want. 

Now if you have taken a moment to read this blog please share it.  Yes you may not be getting married but you could save a bride from making a mistake and being disappointed with their wedding photographer choice.  Regardless of who they choose to photograph their wedding they need to be aware of some questions to ask.

Contact me today with any questions you have regarding wedding photography.