Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Teaching my son about the benefits of Rescue..... Sit Pretty Pit

Some of you may know I have a huge love of dogs.  Now what you may not know.

Before photography and having children I owned a couple pet food boutiques.  I also was heavily involved with multiple dog rescues.  I always found myself coming home with extra dogs.  It all began when I had an insane house of 2 English bulldogs and a pitbul.  I was known as the bulldog lady.  Someone was always giving out my name to those who somehow needed help.  Whether they were just looking to see if I had friends or family looking to rescue or whether they were being dumped at my home.  I always seemed to help out.

Our most recent dog passed away from old age a couple years ago and since then we have yet to add our own dog back into our home.  Mostly because we are a very busy family with 2 kiddos and I homeschool.

When living in Edmonton I helped a couple rescues raise money by doing photo's as that was a way I could help out.  Now being back in Kelowna we are missing the joy of having a dog in the family.  However until we are totally ready we will be volunteering.

I homeschool my son and decided that he should learn about volunteering and rescue.  The benefits of rescue and the work that these wonderful people do is mind blowing.  My son was on board to help.  We decided that fostering would be hard because we know we would fall in love and be a foster fail.  So currently we have signed up to volunteer with Sit Pretty Pit .

We started by teaching my son the benefits of rescuing and that these dogs need help and loving homes.  He decided that he was going to save his allowance, collect Canadian Tire money, and take in bottles.  He decided to choose to sponsor a dog.  His choice was Zuko.  Boy is this dude so cute.

Adoptable Zuko

Then Sit Pretty Pit contacted us to babysit one of their foster dogs while the foster parents went out of town.  I figured this would be great for my son to learn how the whole rescue process works. I was wrong! This little doll came to stay with us for a couple days.....and shockingly she hasn't left.  She came in from a cruelty investigation out of Kamloops.  The shelter transferred her to Sit Pretty Pit in order to get her out of the kennel environment.  She was bumped around a bit when the president of the rescue decided to take her and work with her.  She has a wonderful personality.  She's sweet and has an incredible temperment.

 Best thing about her.....she's not a puppy. I've had my share of puppies and yes they are cute as pie however the potty training and puppy phase isn't my favorite.   This doll is 3 years old.  Great with kids, walks well on a leash and good with other dogs.  Could I ask for anything more?

If you are able to help this incredible rescue in any way please don't hesitate.  Even just the slightest bit helps.  Heck....if you are thinking you might be a great forever home for one of these beautiful dogs thats is a plus too.  Check out the dogs available for adoption.

Also be sure to stay tuned on my facebook page because I plan to schedule family photos by donation to Sit Pretty Pit